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Winterization Tips

Sprinkler System
The picture above shows the valves and test cocks in an on position.

Winterizing tips, refer to the picture above. All you'll need is a screw driver.

When the temperature is going to drop below 32 degrees:

• Shut off water supply valve to the sprinkler system. This is the handle on the copper pipe that goes outside to the back flow preventer. Alternately the drain may be on the outside of the house under the back flow preventer Open the drain next to the preventer (you may want to hang a bucket under it).

• Go to the back flow preventer This is the device located just outside the house on the copper pipe for the sprinklers. Open the the test cocks. PVB Valves have two test cocks. RPZ's have four.

• With a screwdriver, turn the test cock one quarter turn. The slot should be parallel with the test cock. There are two shutoff handles on the PVB & RPZ. Open and close each one 3 times, leaving them one half open when done. Shutoff handles only turn ninety degrees from full open to full close. Lightly tap on the back flow preventer four to six times to shake out any remaining water.

You will need to contact us to finalize winterization.

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