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1. Install A Rain Sensor
Save aproximately $130-$450 annually

2. Install Pressure Regulating Heads
Proper pressure insures ideal operation

3. Install Check Valve Heads
No low head drainage

4. Water Between 5AM and 10AM
Best time for water absorbtion

5. Don't Water in the Afternoon
You lose 30% to evaporation

6. Don't Water Overnight
Promotes the growth of fungus.

7. Use Seasonal Adjust Feature
Your timer adjusts watering based on climate.

8. Concrete Does Not Grow
Check the adjustments of your heads.

9. Check Timer Settings
Water only as long and as often as needed.

10. Don't Water in High Winds
Water won't reach where it's supposed to.

11. Deep Watering Promotes Root Growth
Water longer and less frequently.

12. Cycle & Soak
In hard soils, water twice per watering day with shorter cycles to minimize runoff.

13. Start Watering in Late Spring
It takestwice as lng to green up grass once it turns brown.

14. Consider Drip Irrigation For Plant Beds
100% of the water reaches the plant's roots.

15. Install U-Nozzles in Spray Heads
Reduces run time up to 25%

16. Don't Set All Zones to Equal Time
Shady areas require half as much water as sunny areas.

17. Aerate
This Allows water to easily reach grass roots.

18. Rase Your Mower Blade
Taller grass requires less water to stay green.

19. Choose the Right Seed
Fescue seeds can use a lot less water to stay green.

20. Inspect Your Yard
A new sinkhole could be a sign of a leak in the irrigation system.